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Genealogy research can be a very exciting and rewarding experience.  The thrill of solving a challenging puzzle and connecting with your ancestors in a meaningful way.  It can also be frustrating when you hit a dead-end or get overwhelmed by information overload.

The Good Old Days of Genealogy

When I started doing family research nearly 30 years ago, you simply picked up an empty paper pedigree chart and filled it in with a pencil.  The librarian demanded that a pencil be used to keep people from writing in the reference books with a pen.  Libraries were poorly stocked with microfilm and microfiche, so getting what you were looking for was a hit or miss proposition.

Current State of Genealogy

Fast forward several decades and technological advances in computers, digital storage and the Internet have revolutionized the way genealogy research is conducted.  Now, billions of indexed digitized records are just a few keystrokes away!

As the hobby gained in popularity and profitability, businesses and enterprising individuals raced in to meet every need.  The Genealogist of today is faced with massive information overload in the form of a dizzying array of websites, blogs, magazines, books, software, etc.

There is now far more information than any one individual could digest in ten lifetimes.  Enthusiasts are either completely overwhelmed by the information tidal wave or are missing out on key concepts of the hobby they love.  What we need today is a way to bring order to the chaos.

A Better Way

For years, I have searched in vain for a website that would cut through the clutter, noise and sales pitches to highlight only the best information genealogy has to offer. 

A definitive source that busy family researchers could rely upon for guidance.  Failing to find that mythical website, I decided to create this website to fill the void.  I sincerely hope you benefit from the fruits of my labor and be sure tell all your genealogy friends about

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