DNA Testing Reviews

Today, there is a lot of choices for those wanting to do DNA testing as the testing industry has evolved into commoditized offerings.  What differentiates the different competitors pretty much comes down to what part of the DNA is analyzed by the testing company and how it is presented to the customer.

How can you possibly make a quality decision of which company to go with?  One option is to consult the DNA testing review website DNAWeekly.com.  DNAWeekly’s stated mission is to “provide users with honest, useful, and objective information when looking for the best DNA test kit for their needs”.

DNA Testing Reviews Disclaimer

Before continuing, I want to make clear that this DNA testing reviews website takes a fee for every customer that it refers to a testing service.  There is a financial motivation behind the operation of their website, which may or may not color their recommendations. 

For instance, if Ancestry DNA pays a larger bounty, they could rate them higher than the competition.  I am not saying they do that, but bias of this type is possible.  For a review website to be successful, their reputation is paramount and something they will not likely be willing to sacrifice for a quick buck.

If that is a deal breaker for you, then you should probably just go somewhere else for your information.  Also, I would like to state that I have no affiliation with the DNAWeekly website.

Website Benefits

In my experience with the website, I found the following benefits you will likely appreciate:

  • Professional quality website content which includes user generated reviews as well as results from hands-on testing.
  • In-depth reviews of most popular DNA test kits presented as “buying guides” to assist users in finding the right DNA test kit for their needs.
  • Detailed apples-to-apples comparisons of options in a case study style format to help users make an informed choice.
  • Goal based content with categories: ancestry analysis, health, diet and fitness or family tree building to ensure the product you choose delivers the intended result.


My opinion of the DNAWeekly DNA testing review website is that it is informative, professional and well worth your time.  It can help bring clarity to your decision of which DNA testing service to use and that is the outcome that most people are seeking.  Give it a try and see if you agree.

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