eBook: Mastering Genealogy Records using the Internet

If you type the phrase “genealogy records free” into a Google search window, you will get more than 43 million results back!  In a world awash with information, power comes from knowing which sources to trust.

Pitfalls of Internet Research

Unfortunately, many of those links will lead you to subscription-based services, only after you get excited about finding records for your ancestors in their index.  

Yes, this is a dirty marketing trick, but it is employed by nearly every data service to hook you into using their product.  Buying every data service that lures you in can be a costly mistake.  You will run into a seemingly endless supply of dead ends like these in your search for free records.

How can anyone make sense of all the choices available for internet-based genealogy research?

eBook Advice

Instead of wasting precious years of your life finding out, you are much better off consulting a downloadable eBook that cuts through the clutter and provides a concise high-level overview of the best no cost resources the web has to offer.

For less than the price of a movie ticket, you can learn the secrets to finding FREE records on the Internet.  Yes, a ton of great records are waiting for you to discover free of charge … if you know where to look. 

These include: Census records, Passenger lists, Newspapers, Social Security, Federal Land, Military and much more.  The eBook’s author has spent many years researching and writing on this subject, there is no need for you to duplicate his effort.

If you are really serious about your genealogy research, then simply relying on what is available for free may not be enough.  You need to know what subscription services fit your needs without breaking the bank.

This eBook lays out the biggest players in terms of number of records in their collections, so you can make wise choices about what subscription services to invest in.  Obviously, the bigger the collection the better chance you have of finding the records you desire.

Despite what you may think, there is simply no need to spend a fortune to do quality genealogy research.  Using a carefully chosen mix of free and pay services will get you the most bang for your buck.

You owe it yourself to get informed, so download your own 50+ page copy today.

Find out:

- Where to find FREE genealogy records

- What subscription based services to buy

Presented in an easily downloadable PDF format



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