Using Pass It Down to Preserve Family Stories

Just imagine for a moment you could go back in time and hear your long-lost relatives speak and see them talk about their life.  Although you can’t bring people back from the dead, you can capture stories of your living family members using an innovative new tool called Pass It Down and create incredible experiences for future generations of your family.

By capturing family stories while the subjects are alive, you can keep their memories alive indefinitely.  It does not take much to prompt family members into revealing their stories and great stories are the cornerstone of any family genealogy.  Stories are how we capture cherished memories and add flavor to what would otherwise be a collection of dull facts and dates. 

In the past, capturing family stories has been a manual process of gathering photos, documenting memories and recording video clips with no real unifying tool to integrate all the pieces.  Some have resorted to creating family websites or used Facebook to share their genealogy work with others, but these options have their own issues. 

Websites can take a lot of time, effort and expertise to get up and running.  Controlling who sees your website content is an issue that can lead to privacy concerns.  Facebook is free and easy to use, but Facebook controls who sees your posts making it unreliable for sharing content.

Capture Family Stories with Pass It Down

Now, Pass It Down solves all these problems making it the ultimate way of capturing, sharing and protecting your cherished keepsake stories for posterity.  The software utilizes both a web and mobile components to allow users to record, share & preserve family stories in video, audio, text, and photos.

Creating this software application has been a passion project for its CEO, Christopher Cummings, whose mother suffered from multiple sclerosis when he was a teenager.  He witnessed his mother gradually lose her ability to tell her own stories which planted the seed for the creation of this product.  Chris made it his mission to make the tools for capturing stories available to everyone.

Help for the Creative Process

Most people struggle with the creative process of writing stories.  Many get stuck on crafting an opening or just can’t seem to get their narrative out.  This application eases writers through the process by intelligently prompting the storyteller along the way with helpful questions.

Product Features

Pass It Down boasts the following user friendly features:

  • Free to upload your story digital data
  • Mobile application you can install on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Multimedia support for video (1 minute or less), audio, text, and photos
  • Privacy Control: Share with friends or keep private, like a journal
  • Intelligent prompting with helpful questions


Pass It Down provides a high-tech, user-friendly oral history platform aimed at helping chronicle memories and facts that would otherwise be lost.  Since this application is in its early developmental stage, there is a risk that the venture could fail and you have to move your data elsewhere.  But that risk is worth taking if you have been searching for an easy way to capture your family stories with full multimedia support.  Everyone has a story to tell, now there is a new platform from which to tell yours.

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