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Find A Record Tool

In this article, I wanted make everyone aware of a powerful tool called Find A Record that I ran across for working with family trees created in FamilySearch.  It is so easy to use and helpful for advancing genealogy research that I wanted to spread the word to other genealogy enthusiasts who might be interested in using it.

If you have created a family tree using the website, then you are all set to use the Find A Record tool to push your genealogy research to the next level.  It's developers promise that by using it you can instantly find new research opportunities in your FamilySearch tree in 3 minutes while being 100% free of charge.

Although this may sound too good to be true, this website really delivers.  After pointing your web browser at the website, you need to login to FamilySearch by clicking on the button that says “Sign In With FamilySearch”.  Once you login, displayed below will be a list of research opportunities.

The screen capture below shows what Find A Record looks like when I login.  I am the focus person of research, but you can change the focus to any individual on your by entering the ID of another person on your tree.  

On the left-hand side navigation is a color-coded list of categories which includes: Sources, Person, Relationships, Problems, and Cleanup.  You can unselect any of the categories or sub-categories that you are not interested in seeing.

Along the right side is a list of dozens of color coded items that could use my attention.  To work with an item, I click on the details button and when finished I choose the fixed or hide options to make the item disappear from the list. 

Find-A-Record is very simple and intuitive to use and provides some very powerful prompting to aid users to focus on the weak spots in their data.  Do not get discouraged that the tool found so many items that could use attention.  Feel free to ignore any or all the advice that is given. 

Just be grateful that there is such a powerful digital assistant looking over your shoulder who doesn’t charge you a dime to do so.  Imagine how much you would pay a professional genealogist for similar advice.  I highly recommend Find-A-Record for genealogists of any experience level.  Assuming that you have already invested the time in creating a tree on FamilySearch, there is really no reason not to give it a try.

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